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Last month, the Official Journal of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists published an article online on Development and Validation of ECL Assays.

The article, written by Jennifer Postelnek, Robert J. Neely, Michael D. Robbins, Carol R. Gleason, Jon E. Peterson, and Steven P. Piccoli, was copublished with The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, and was written in our home state of New Jersey.

Development and Validation of Electrochemiluminescence Assays to Measure Free and Total sSLAMF7 in Human Serum in the Absence and Presence of Elotuzumab

We are proud to say these scientists were able to utilize Novoprotein’s SLAMF7 product (Catalog No. C316) to test this. We have a variety of SLAM family proteins open for all researchers to try, and if that’s not enough, we have our custom product services where we can tailor proteins to your order. Just imagine what you can do.

Read up on what they were able to achieve here:

BMS R&D Symposium – 2016

Come join us for the Annual Bristol-Meyers Squibb Research & Development Symposium! With over 2200 of your colleagues, let us share in a wide range of Presentations, Discussions, Posters, Poster Presentations, Awards and Networking Activities.

Doubletree Hotel and Garden State Exhibit Center

In the Doubletree Hotel and Garden State Exhibit Center, here in Somerset New Jersey, join us and 100 of our fellow exhibitors in fully and personally meeting and interacting with members from BMS; as such we invite you to personally meet our staff as well! We look forward to meeting all of you.

IMMUNOLOGY 2016: May 13-17

Sleepless in Seattle

Come join Novoprotein and the American Association of Immunologists (AAI) at the 11th Annual Meeting. This year, it will be in Seattle, WA. For those of you who went to New Orleans with us last year, or to Pittsburgh in 2014, you know the AAI Annual Meeting is a massive, global event. Members of the international scientific community join together as they have year after year.

For over 100 years, The American Association of Immunologists has provided the world’s leading forum for advancing the field of immunology, fostering the interchange of ideas and information among investigators, and addressing the potential integration of immunologic principles into clinical practice. AAI serves its nearly 8,000 members through The Journal of Immunology, the AAI annual meeting, AAI summer courses, awards/grants programs, and career development programs.

Washington State Convention Center

With over 200,000 square feet of Exhibit Hall floor and a Banquet fit for 10,000 people, come walk  freely among some of the biggest names in the industry.

Come see the AAI president Dan R. Littman from the New York University School of Medicine, or see Monday’s Symposium Host Immune Responses to Viruses, featuring such guest speakers as Adolfo Garcia-Sastre and his Regulation of innate immune pathways during RNA virus infections, Akiko Iwasaki and her Antiviral immune responses at mucosal surfaces, Louis J. Picker and CD8+ T cell recognition of cytomegalovirus: who is in charge?, and E. John Wherry with Development and reversal of T cell exhaustion.

Booth 2606

Come visit us at our booth, where you can come meet some of our company representatives including our Vice President, Dr. Yufang Shao, and come join your colleagues from over 40 countries in seeing our products and services! We will be stocked with catalogues and other information for you and your companies.

If you visit our booth and have been a longtime customer, please introduce yourself! We love to meet the people we work with, so we can have a more personable relation. If you are new to Novoprotein, introduce yourself as well, and sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t already. Also, qualifying guests may even walk away with Novoprotein gear!

More than just a convention

Beyond the great science, adventure awaits you in Seattle, the uniquely cosmopolitan yet casual port city set spectacularly between Puget Sound and the Cascade Mountains. Experience the vibrant energy of the city’s Downtown—Pike Place Market, Benaroya Hall, great restaurants, and lively entertainment scene. Whether your musical taste is for Puccini or Pearl Jam, you’ll find it in Seattle. And at IMMUNOLOGY 2016, located in the beautiful Washington State Convention Center, you’ll enjoy access to it all. Join us there!

Novoprotein Product Catalogue

1800+ Products

Since 2004, Novoprotein production has completed over 3000 custom projects, and have completed over 1800 individual products with a 85% success rate.

With major global players for customers such as AstraZeneca, a global, science-led bio-pharmaceutical business and our innovative medicines are used by millions of patients worldwide; Novartis, a global healthcare company based in Switzerland that provides solutions to address the evolving needs of patients worldwide; Merck, which discovers, develops, manufactures and markets prescription human and veterinary medicines, and consumer healthcare products; and Bristol-Myers Squibb, a global bio-pharmaceutical company whose mission is to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines, you can rest comfortably knowing the quality of our products and services are held to the highest of standards.

Many Opportunities

You can order our products directly from us; by phone, email, or fax. Simply go to our website to place an order, or call our sales number at 973-671-8010. If you don’t know what product you’re looking for, or what Novoprotein lists the protein as, you can search by protein name on our website’s search bar, before you place your order.

We also use distributors to help deliver around the world. In the United States of America and Canada, we have VWR, Fisher Scientific, and Cedarlane. For Europe, there is PELOBiotech, Holzel Diagnostika, CliniSciences, and Gentaur. For Australia, there is LifeResearch. Asia has Cosmo in Japan, and iCell in South Korea.

You can find listings for all of our products online, or we have a physical and digital copy of or catalogue. You can request one here, or download it as a .pdf