Look What is Possible with Novoprotein

Recent PubAAPS Journal-Final_200lications

Last month, the Official Journal of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists published an article online on Development and Validation of ECL Assays.

The article, written by Jennifer Postelnek, Robert J. Neely, Michael D. Robbins, Carol R. Gleason, Jon E. Peterson, and Steven P. Piccoli, was copublished with The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, and was written in our home state of New Jersey.

Development and Validation of Electrochemiluminescence Assays to Measure Free and Total sSLAMF7 in Human Serum in the Absence and Presence of Elotuzumab

We are proud to say these scientists were able to utilize Novoprotein’s SLAMF7 product (Catalog No. C316) to test this. We have a variety of SLAM family proteins open for all researchers to try, and if that’s not enough, we have our custom product services where we can tailor proteins to your order. Just imagine what you can do.

Read up on what they were able to achieve here:

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