A New Novoprotein


It’s 2016, and we’ve officially outgrown our office. As we grow in customer base and product catalogue, we need to grow in facility and faculty. Our little office turned from ‘warm and cozy’ to ‘tight and cramped’ rather quickly, so we decided to expand!
We now have a larger facility at a new address! Please take note, the new address is:
Novoprotein Scientific, Inc.
86 Summit Ave, Suite LL300
Summit, NJ 07104
Our original address at 47 Maple St. is still accessible by us for mail, but we are asking all our colleagues to update to the new address for convenience and speed in processing postal paperwork or receiving packages.


We are in the process of implementing a quality assurance initiative which will be initiated, in part, by our customers and colleagues! Feedback is important, but often goes unsaid. We’re working on a few ways to receive your evaluations, and we plan on being more proactive in receiving such input, as opposed to the current passive model.
Also, stay on the lookout for our End-of-Fall sale! We’ve got some big items at discounted prices. And remember, we have bulk pricing all year round. Simply ask for a quote from one of our sales representatives, tell us which product, and how many milligrams you would like, and we will be happy to give a generous discount, dependant on the quantity.


You can contact sales by email (sales@novoprotein.com) or by phone (1-973-671-8010), or can even request a quote from our website! You can do that here.

…and Bigger again!

Novoprotein now has over 1920 catalogue proteins. We’ve officially hit the ‘roaring twenties’ of catalogue size. Science is seemingly infinite in scope and size, and the amount of research is exponentially increasing every year. As such, we’re dedicated to growth to meet the demands of our colleagues in the scientific community. We are committed on continued provision of quality products and services for as long as there is a demand.


Expect our new “Catalogue 5.0” to be released by November, which will include all of our products, as well as information on how to get custom ‘off menu’ proteins made to your specifications. We look forward to continued growth, as we complete more and more